Harvey The Crane Engine
Number 27
Class Crane Engine
Livery Burgundy
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
Built Unknown
Affiliations Crane Engine
Designers Unknown
First Appearance Harvey To The Rescue
Voice Actors Keith Wickham (UK/US)

Harvey is a crane tank engine number 27 from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He makes his first appearance in the Season 6 episode, "Harvey to the Rescue". He is based on Dubs 0-4-0T no. 4101. At first the other engines didn't like him, but after he rescued Percy they became his friends.


Season 6

  • Harvey To The Rescue
  • No Sleep For Cranky

Season 7

  • The Spotless Record (does not speak)
  • Toby's Windmill (does not speak)
  • Bad Day At Castle Loch
  • Peace And Quiet

Season 8

  • Thomas And The Tuba
  • Thomas Saves The Day
  • Percy's Big Mistake (does not speak)
  • Thomas Gets It Right (cameo)
  • Fish (does not speak)
  • Emilly's Adventure (does not speak)

Season 9

  • Thomas And The Rainbow
  • Thomas' New Trucks (does not speak)

Season 10

  • Edward Strikes Out

Season 11

  • Thomas And The Lighthouse (does not speak)

Season 12

  • Excellent Emilly (does not speak)
  • Saved You! (does not speak)

Season 17

  • Thomas' Shortcut (does not speak)
  • Gone Fishing


  • Calling All Engines (does not speak)
  • The Great Discovery


Harvey's theme is his Season 6-7 theme.

Theme (T,J&H Version)

Harvey's T,J&H theme is his Season 6-7 theme.


  • Harvey's model was on display at Drayton Manor, but was returned to HiT Entertainment so they could use it as a reference for his CGI design. The model was returned when they were done.

Counterparts (Male Version)

Counterparts (Female Version)