Hate It or Love It is the title of St. Louis rapper Chingy's fourth studio album. It was released on December 18 2007. It is his second album with the Disturbing tha Peace label.


In an interview with MTV News on June 25, 2007, Chingy stated, "I just worked with Cool and Dre, Scott Storch, I'll probably go in with Timbaland, Kanye West, and Just Blaze to name a few." He has also recorded tracks for DTP's upcoming album Strength in Numbers.

During his appearance of the November 23rd edition of 106 & Park, he mentioned Ludacris, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Amerie, Anthony Hamilton & Bobby Valentino to make appearances on the album.

Chart Performance

The current single off this LP is "Fly Like Me". The album debuted at a disappointing #84 on the charts, selling a mere 31,000 copies. The St. Louis rapper's first three albums all managed to debut in the Top 10. Poor promotion and timing with the release of "Fly Like Me" have been blamed for the album's downfall.

UK success

Despite no promotion or official release over in the United Kingdom, quite a few copies are expected to have been officially sold via who have been selling the album for only £2.99 for a lengthy amount of time as an import from the USA and therefore made the album hit as high as #3 on HMV's 'top 10 hip-hop albums chart' (currently it has climbed back up to #7, having been #9 very recently but now the £2.99 price has been removed and it is now £9.99 so it is expected to drop out the chart soon). Although this was obviously due to the cheap price, it still means that lots of copies have been sold and this cannot officially chart in the UK but this may have added to the album sales in the US and is a mini-success. "Hate It Or Love It" is the 1st Chingy album to have not been officially pressed and released in the UK (saw release in Japan & US) and many people are asking for the album to be released over in the UK officially with some bonus tracks and a fresh new cover although this seems unlikely as the record label will probably not fund this and because lots of copies have already been sold @ £2.99 (although it is now back at £9.99) or at a slightly price over from marketplace sellers on or from amazon directly.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Featured Guest(s) Time
1 "Intro" LT Moe 0:44
2 "Hate It or Love It" Costarz 4:07
3 "Check My Swag" Michael Davis 3:33
4 "Fly Like Me" LT Moe Amerie 3:45
5 "Kick Drum" Jared Gossolin 3:40
6 "Gimme Dat" Full Scale Ludacris & Bobby Valentino 3:59
7 "All Aboard (Ride It)" Calvo Da Gr8 Steph Jones 4:04
8 "Trickin' Off Skit LT Moe 0:22
9 "Spend Some $" Bel Da Maejor Trey Songz 3:32
10 "2 Kool 2 Dance" LT Moe 3:47
11 "Lovely Ladies" Khao 4:17
12 "How We Feel" LT Moe Anthony Hamilton 4:14
13 "Roll on 'Em" Cool & Dre Rick Ross 4:28
14 "Blockstar" The Ghost Writers 4:33

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