Hatlinks is a planet which is 5 Light Years from earth it is hidden from the people of earth because of its Time Jumpers these keep the planet back in the past so in the present day it looks just like a planet with no life on it.

The Hatlinks repeat the same day which is always sunny and the same night which is always rainy. The planet has 3 suns each pass at almost the same time. There is darkness for a total of 7 Hours. Once the darkness is over the day restarts. With everyone remembering the day before.

They are one of the most clever races known in time or space and are also living next to another race of aliens who are more known to earth as the Greys

It has 3 Billion People living on it and the planet is a little smaller than earth. There are a total of 23 countries across the planet. Here is the list of them.








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