Haven: Cerebros is a series which tells about the adventures of 4 friends and their science teacher Professor Cerebros in Newtech City in Florida.


  • Professor Cerebros: Professor Cerebros is an alien man who works as a Science Teacher in Newtech High School.
  • Sam: Sam is a shy boy with amazing teleportation powers. But, that was before he met Greplon, Bill, Terresa and Hailey.
  • Greplon: Greplon is an Insectoid boy who is one of Sams only friends.
  • Bill: Bill is a human boy who always where a baseball cap.
  • Terresa: Terresa is a human girl with black and reddish hair.
  • Hailey: Hailey is a blond haired girl who has a personnal interest in Sam.

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