The series Haven: Genetics Academy is about a girl nammed Charlie who must stop a cult who worshipped the Old Ones (a species that ruled the Galaxy billion years ago) from resurecting the powerful warlord She Run Kai.


  • Charlie: Charlie is a young woman who signed up for the Earth Force Academy on Venus. The academy is known as the Genetics academy because of its large amount of Students with Genetic Powers. Her genetic power is Super Strength.
  • Gorpon: Gorpon is a blue alien who resembles a beaver. His gentic power is Super Sight and Hearing.
  • Bill: Bill is a black male who made friends with Charlie. He was temporaraly cvaptured by the cult and joined their side. His genetic power is super leaping.
  • Tom: Tom is a Caucasian male who made friends with Charlie. He was held captive by the Cult. He refused to join the cult and was freed when Charlie, Gorpon and Lily went to Mars. His genetic power is Super Speed.
  • Lily: Lily is an asian girl who made friends with charlie on the way to the academy. Her genetic power is Insisbility.

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