In Haven: The Avatar Returns Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, The Duke, Haru and Teo walk through a portal in the Western Air Temple into the year 2142. Now, with the portal closed and no visible way back, Aang and the gang must live with 3 teenagers at a special academy in California until the portal is reopenned.


  • Aang: The last of Avatars in the modern world. He is the leader of the group and the last airbender.
  • Katara: One of Aangs best friends and the last Waterbender.
  • Sokka: Kataras brother. A warrior in training and constantly mocked by other cadets.
  • Toph: A blind wild child and one of the last earthbenders.
  • Zuko: Ex-enemy of Aang and the last Firebender.
  • The Duke: is a small boy with excellent fighting skills.
  • Haru is an old friend of Kataras and one of the last Earthbenders.
  • Teo: a young machainical genius and the father of an inventor.
  • Sky Tate: A boy able to create force fields. He is neat and precise about everything he does, and plays things by the rules.
  • Bridge Carson: Bridge is a boy who is able to track things through psychic senses and can read minds. Bridge might appear slow at times, but he is a computer genious, a master mechanic, and much more. He might be gullible, but also has a heart of gold. People underestimate Bridge, but he always manages to come through with his quick thinking.
  • Syd Drew: One of the only girls in the group. She is able to turn her hands into any element that she touches. Sydney comes from a rich family and although being spoiled shows, she is the heart of the team. She takes pride in her looks and accomplishments as a model and a singer, but don't let her appearence fool you, she can hold her own, and she is tough and capable.
  • Commander Anubis Cruger: Cruger is a sirian man and the commander of the Earth Force academy on Earth. He has gladly taken Aang and the others in and like the others, he quietly mocks Sokka's warrior skills.


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