Hawaiian Vacation commentary with Director Gary Rydstrom, Supervising Animator Angus MacLane, and Head of Story Jason Katz.


  • GARY RYDSTROM: Hi, I'm Gary Rydstrom. I directed Hawaiian Vacation.
  • ANGUS MACLANE: I'm Angus MacLane. I did the supervising of the animation.
  • JASON KATZ: And I'm Jason Katz, who was the story supervisor. One of the things we need going into this is the first Toy Story Toon.
  • MACLANE: The goal is to show a different aspect of the toy universe. A genre of toys in this case, "What do the Toys do when you go on vacation?".
  • RYDSTROM: At the same time, we wanted to have all the characters we just saw in Toy Story 3 that we liked and see what they're doing now, and give them all a moment in six minutes. It's a little bit nuts to make a... a movie that short with 22 speaking roles.
  • Computer: The Rexing Bull!
  • Rex: That's me! Can you make my arms bigger?
  • Trixie: Oh,...

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