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He Just Moves Once is the second episode of season 5 of Johnny Bravo.


The Bravos are moving from Aron City to Calleramary Creak.


  • The Bravo's new house adress: 177 Calleramary Street.
  • The moving company of the Bravos' new home is Montgamereo's Moving Company.
  • Charles Joseph MeCersh is the owner of the Private Mortgage Group.
  • The sponsors of the Calleramary Creek ad are the Public American Entertainment Corporation Group, the letter P and WGBH Boston


  • Scooby Doo: The whole gang appear during the leaving scene.
  • The Simpsons: The promotional video in the episode is similar to the one in You Only Move Twice
  • Sesame Street:The letter P is the sponsor of the Calleramary Creek ad.
  • The Truman Show:The name of the place the Bravos move to Calleramary Creek is a parody of Florida's Camp Creek
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights:The film Johnny is watching earlier in the beggining of the episode 40000 Days and 40000 Nights is a spoof of the film.
  • Random House: It's Home Video logo appears at the beggining of the promotional Calleramary Creek video.
  • WGBH Boston: The sponsor of the Calleramary Creek VHS.
  • American Public Entertainment Corporation Group: The owner, sponsor and company of Calleramary Creek.

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