Head Pry

The controller places both hands behind the controlled's head. His forearms are against the collarbone. The controller applies pressure to the back of the head by prying it forward and down by curling his hands in. The pressure will bend the controlled over unless he forces his head up and maintains a stiff straight up and down posture. The controller's feet are squared to the controlled without a foot in front of the other.

Common Mistakes Placing one foot closer to the controlled. This prevents the maintaining of balance and the controlled can drive down and against the lead pushing the controller off balance.


The head pry will force the opponent to respond with a particular body posture.

Bends forward at the waist

Bending forward at the waist exposes the controlled's head and body to

Hip pivot knee strike

Head Parry

Quarter Nelson

Postures up

The controlled stands upright and forces head up to resist the pressure of the head pry. This exposes his body to the Thrust Knee

The head is exposes the head to elbow shots and punches by switching to the Half Head Pry

Posturing up allows the Head Pry Step Around



The knee is lifted to position the strike and the body is pivoted at the hip to deliver the power of the strike. Targets Body The upper body leans back as the knee comes up the controlled's head is pulled forward and kept close. This pulls the controlled's center of gravity over the knee strike so that his balance will be disrupted thus opening him for follow up strikes. Face The




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