Scott Curtis with Dean Reardon and Emma Davison all starts to leave Townquay and head back towards there town of Kingsteigton as they walk back they soon feel like they are being followed by someone as time goes on they find they are this time by another of the Kingsteigton Undead this time following them is one of the members they have just meet called Jessie Small soon the group find themself in a fight with her together they manage to kill Jessie they then find a place on it which is near where they all live and it could be where she was living tomorrow they plan on looking into it.

As they all head home Scott falls asleep to be awoken at Three in the morning with a call from Emma Davison who is shouting that her mate has been kidnapped by one of the Kingsteigton Undead who wants Scott and her to meet him back down in Hakney Marshes however more weird a new tunnel which wasn't there earlier has now came out of nowhere. Scott plans to meet Emma. To find if she has heard of a Barry Charles when the name is spoken Maria Hart warns Scott to wait to she comes there.

Scott ignores it and tells Maria to catch him up being late Scott doesn't get Dean and together Scott and Emma head off to face off with Barry. They use the new tunnel which brings them to Hakney Marshes. Soon they find Barry and lose the fight and are taken hostage. He then shouts I have no more use for Vicky Underhill and once done with her I must hand you both over to Robert Dorrington he then leaves and Scott manage to escape and go after him leaving Emma behind together Scott and Barry roll back down the beach. Maria Hart then shows up and comes armed with a powerful sword which is called the Colledge Sword Scott then remembers it as something that Steph was gave before leaving Hatlinks also Scott use to own one before his last death. Armed with a piece of wood Barry fights back and Emma is freed and Scott and Emma go to save Vicky when they do soon after Maria Hart catches up with them as they look on to see a bright red light.

Maria shouts Barry cannot die and he is coming back to life because of this they need to escape quickly as Scott and the girls all make a run for it towards Emmas. Scot then is covered by dark and finds himself in a bright fire with a little girl saying words to him. My Mum said you were a bad person but its her who is the real bad one. A bright white light is then on Scott who find its has been a dream. Maria calls him and tells him to get ready to meet at the base it time to know her story.

1-5 Book Of Murdoc Part 1

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