This page explains how healing works in Akami.


Healing requires three things.

  • Bandages
  • Base salves
  • Additional salves


Bandages can be bought from a general or trade goods store. They only come in one type, as they are only a medium to transfer the salves.

Base Salves

Base salves are the original salves to a healing formula you have learned. A salve can be made through alchemy or bought from a trade goods store.

Additional Salves

Additional salves can be used to increase or alter the effects of a healing formula. A salve can be made through alchemy or bought from a trade goods store.


Healing allows you to do on-the-spot medical aid without using mana. It's great for non-healer type classes.


Healing is beneficial in that it allows more independence among certain classes with lower health.


Healing's cons include that it requires multiple salves to create good healing effects.

Benefits of Professing

Professing in this skill means the ability to use higher leveled formulas.

Criteria of Suggesting a Crafting System

In order for your suggestion on how to heal in Akami to be considered, it must at LEAST meet this criteria.

  • It must be necessary to soak and place the bandages.
  • An image of the "wound" on the target.
  • Some way of tracking progress on the "wound."

Other ways to make it likelier to be accepted include:

  • An area for seeing what's happening out in the "real world" since it will be mostly mid-combat usage.
  • A playable prototype.

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