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A pseud-parody adaptation of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films done with characters and clips from the immensely popular KINGDOM HEARTS series of video games.


  • Axel as Jack Sparrow (Many of their peers don't know how well you can trust either of them as both walk the line between between good and bad but seem to do what is right in the end. Both have a sense of humor to them and carry themselves with a swagger.)
  • Sora as Will Turner (Both serve the role of the wide eyed youth from seemingly humble beginnings with a destiny in their respective stories.)
  • Kairi as Elizabeth Swann (The primary leading ladies of their respective series'. While both are beautiful and at first seem as if they are just those who would sit things out on the sidelines come to prove themselves otherwise, and are also the love interest of the last two characters.)
  • Riku as James Norrington (Both are well meaning characters, but for long stretches of time can find themselves going down the dark path but by the end get a full grasp on the situation and make the right choices. Both were also a part of love triangles with the last two sets of characters)
  • Pete as Joshamee Gibbs ()
  • Donald Duck as Pintel (Members of a comedic duo of sidekicks. They are the shorter half and more easily tempered.
  • Goofy as Ragetti (The other half of the aformentioned comedic duos. Both are the taller, calmer, and apparently more dim members.)
  • Mickey as Marty (Both are small, but extremely tough.)
  • Ansem the Wise as Weatherby Swann (Both are sort of similar in how they are both high ranking men who run key locations that other main characters come from. But admittedly that is about it.)
  • Eraqus as Bootstrap Bill Turner (Not much to say that both are older, seasoned, and hardened men who are father figures to at least one of the protagonists.)
  • Yen Sid as Teague (Both are old, mysterious, and command a lot of respect and authority to those around them. Both also give advide to the protagonists when needed and generally don't take direct action within the storylines.)
  • Aqua as Tia Dalma (Both are women of great wisdom, and the oldest of the primary female characters who appear in their respective stories. Both also have adept magical abilities, and one is named Aqua while the other turns out to be a goddess of the sea.)
  • Xion as Angelica
  • Roxas as Philip
  • Namine as Syrena
  • Xigbar as Mercer
  • Saix as Maccus
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness as Hector Barbossa (Both were the first primary antagonists of their respective series'. Despite their apparent deaths in the respective first installments of their franchises they would both return in later chapters. Both are men who had embraced a mythic dark power that transformed them into something different from a normal man and became a being of darkness.)
  • Xemnas as Davy Jones (Major and key villains of their respective stories. Both are powerful men who command great forces and fear among everyone. Both have tragic backstories, once being normal men but through bad circumstances would be transformed into the monsters they became. Both losing their hearts within these transformations. Note: Terra would play Jones' human form that briefly appears in AT WORLD'S END)
  • Marluxia as Cutler Beckett (Both are other key antagonists, both of whom connive for power.)
  • Master Xehanort as Blackbeard (Both are elderly men and antagonists with great reputations. Their endgames involve both trying to through various means achieve eternal life.)
  • Larxene as Anamaria
  • Cid as Mr. Brown
  • Selphie as Scarlet
  • Olette as Giselle
  • Pence as Mullroy
  • Hayner as Murtogg
  • Tidus as Gilette
  • Wakka as Lieutenant Groves
  • Sephiroth as Koehler
  • Lexaus as Bo'sun
  • Demyx as Hadras

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