1. Which language was your first? (native tongue)

Mahi sfat haem shelcha?

2. When do we need to place an order?

Matai ano tzrichim lehazmin?

3. The socialist government of Sri Lanka is waiting for its new shipment of raw materials.

Hmemshala hasocialit shel Sri Lanka mechaka lamishloach haba shel motzarim naim

4. When will that shipment arrive?

Matai hamishloach yagia?

5. How far away is it?

Kama rachok ze?

6. How much is it worth?

Kama ze shavve?

7. I need soap.

Ani tzarich sabon

8. This product does not contain synthetic ingredients.

Hamotzar haze aino machil chomarim syntetiim

9. It is organic.

Ze organi

10. Can I help you find something?

Haim ani yachol laazor lecha im masheo?

11. Where do you need to go?

Lean ata tzarich lalechet?

12. I will need to research this more.

Ani tzrich lachkor et hanose yoter

13. Do you think they are confused?

Ata choshev she'em mebolbalim?

14. I do not think that I can go there, because it is very far away, and I do not have enough time.

Ani lo choshev shani yachol lalechet lesham ki hamakot nora rachot ve'ain li harbe zman

15. The Sri Lankan People's Socialist Movement

Htnoaa hasocialit al shem Sri Lankan

16. The Czech Republic is a respectable democracy.

Herpublica hachecheit he democratia mechubedet

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