(1991 Walt Disney Home Video logo)

Narrator: From Walt Disney Home Video,

(Clips: Heidi (1993 miniseries))

Narrator: It's Heidi. A favorite story for over a hundred years.

Heidi: My name is Heidi.

Grandmother: And what brings you to the mountains?

Heidi: Dette says it's the only place left.

Narrator: Based on Johanna Spyri's classic novel.

Heidi: Excuse me. Are you my Grandfather?

Narrator: It's the timeless tale of one little orphan girl, desperately longing for a place to call home.

Grandfather: She can't stay here.

Grandmother: She's your granddaughter!

Grandfather: No!

Narrator: Torn between a love for her Grandfather and the beauty of the mountains, or a life of opportunity with her newfound friend in the city.

Cousin Dette: Perhaps we'll have school together.

Heidi: School?

Cousin Dette: Oh, yes, of course.

Fraulein Rottenmeier: You must learn how to read. Everyone does.

Narrator: The classic story of Heidi, Nominated for the Prestigious Golden Globe Award.

Heidi: I love you, Grandfather.

Narrator: Jason Robbards, Jane Seymour, Patricia O'Neal, and introducing Noley Thornton. In Heidi, from Walt Disney Home Video.

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