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Heinrich Von Rothdam is the Nosferatu Elder, and has been the Priscus for some time. He is a traditional elder who deems the repression of Neonates that is commonly performed in some cities to be a dangerous and self-defeating game. Furthermore, he wholeheartedly supports experimentation in governance with the goal of greater stability.


Heinrich is the Sire or Grandsire of all Nosferatu in the city.

Of particular note, Heinrich maintains a strict code of honor and has never been known to lie or to be anything but direct and forthright. Of course this makes many wonder if he has just simply never been caught...



Played by Chas, who is also a narrator and generally has charge of approving new powers and rules. His previous Crimson Shadow characters predate the current chronicle and were uniformly insane. They include Boris "so what you do is you get a Neonate" the Betrayer, and the Dark Saint Malekai Excrucio.

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