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Great writers draw on the vast reservoir of universal life to fashion stories, characters, action and consequences. Regardless of the author’s conscious intention, what is portrayed is true in character if not in fact to the fundamental realities of human nature, the life of society and life as a universal plane.

Come, see illustrated a new approach to literary criticism based on the premise that great literature represents in story form truths of human action, individual character, social character, the character of life and spiritual evolution.

Let us utilize the characters, circumstances and events in Pride and Prejudice to illustrate the principles and process of human accomplishment.

P&P: The Story
A classic tale of romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. A charming story of four mariages. An interesting study of the social evolution of the English. A profound exposition of life's truths. Pride and Prejudice is all this and more.

The deeper we delve, the more it reveals...

How do Things Happen?
Ever wondered how... Darcy wanted Bingley for his brother-in-law, and got it. Wickham wanted Darcy for his brother-in-law, and he got it too. Collins' dearest aspiration is to get closer to Lady Catherine, and he becomes related to her.

Chance events, or were they? The book is full of amazing coincidences and interesting questions. Step in, and find revealed truths of life so clearly portrayed in all great literature, that we tend to miss out in out own lives.

Thesecret in P&p brief title

The Secret has taken the world by storm. People are either all in praise, or condemn it as recycled material. Whether or not you are a believer, you've got to admit that it looks like Mrs.Bennet knew all about it and practised it too. She got all she wanted, three out of five daughters married, to her heart's content.
So did Charlotte. She went out for a walk and received Collins' marriage proposal, and the life she hoped for.
Were all the people in P&P practising the The Secret? Discover how the accomplishments in P&P conform to the principles described in The Secret.

P&P Quiz

How does Caroline bring Elizabeth and Darcy together?
Yes, she does say some mean things intended to hurt Elizabeth, that instead bring Darcy closer to Elizabeth.
In what circumstance is Elizabeth in when Darcy comes to propose marriage to her?
She is reading a letter from the person who has a lot of goodwill for her, in the house of the other person who wants the best for her.
Test your knowledge of P&P. Many of us know the facts in the book. Some of us have delved deeper than the mere storyline. But did you know...

The story begins with five separate families or groups, the Bennets, Lucases, Bingleys, Darcys and Wickham...

P&P relation begin

and ends with everybody becoming related to almost everybody else!

P&P relation final

Jane Bennet

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Charles Bingley

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Elizabeth Bennet

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Fitzwilliam Darcy

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Lydia Bennet

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George Wickham

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Charlotte Lucas

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William Collins

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Secondary Characters

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