Hellsing/Simpsons Casting:

Annliese(OC) as Integra

Homer as Alucard

Marge as Seras

Grampa as Walter

Seymour Skinner as Rejuvanated Walter

Michael D'amico as Young Walter

Fat Tony as The Major

Prof Frink as Doc

Johnny Tightlips as Captain Hans

Frankie the Squealer as Zorin Blitz

Jimbo as Schrodinger

Lisa as Rip Van Winkle

Louie as Jan

Legs as Luke

Moe as Tubalcain Alhambra

Groundskeeper Willie as Father Anderson

Sideshow Bob as Maxwell

Bart as Hienkel

Jessica Lovejoy as Yumiko/Yumie

Hans Moleman as Father Relando

Father Sean as Father M'Quave

Alex as Helena

Patty as Laura

Kirk as Incognito

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