New Residents arrive from the Orientation Islands There are multiple Help Islands. Help Island Public is available to all Residents
In Sep. 2008 new residents were arriving at a Help Island and NOT an Orientation Island
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Help Island - Second Life Wiki
Help Island Public - Second Life Wiki
Region: Help Island Public
Help Island, or is that ... Help! island?
Blogs about: Help Island
Learn the ropes at Help Island
Help menu > Tutorial
Help menu > Report Abuse …
How to Report Abuse
Main Platform
Second Life Support Center
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Place: Help Island Public
Demo Area
Free House
Freebie Store
Copyrights & Trademarks in Second Life
How to Clean Up in Second Life
Scripts in Second Life
Want to try Voice Chatting while in Second Life?
Saving Your Appearance in Second Life
Shopping in Second Life
Getting Money in Second Life
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Place: Help Island Freebie Store
Sandbox Area
Click me to find out more about posing stands
Saving Your Appearance in Second Life
What are posing stands for?
Gestures in Second Life
Size Editing
How to Clean Up in Second Life
Building Tutorial
Mighty Prim Series I.
Prim Creation
General Tab
Contents Tab
Inventory Management
Mighty Prim Series II.
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Ivory Tower Library of Primitives
Mighty Prim Series III.
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Texture Tutorials
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