Fillmore and Sheriff (known in North America as Helpful Fillmore) is a Mater and Friends Story.

Fillmore the hippie is in his shed with the other vehicles. Sheriff the police cruiser tells Fillmore that his driver and fuel operator don't want him anymore, and wants smarter looking vehicles. But Fillmore's driver and fuel operator feel sorry for him, and ask him if he wants to go out. Fillmore says yes, and they all go out together, much to the jealousy of the other vehicles. That night, Fillmore tells the other vehicles that he is going out again tomorrow.The next morning, Sheriff boasts to Fillmore, and tells him to watch him as he pulls the Carriage Express. Fillmore ignores Sheriff, and goes on to push some lemons. Then, Fillmore sees Sheriff pulling dirty wagons instead of the Carriage Express. After hearing that Sheriff got stuck on a hill, Fillmore goes to the rescue. Fillmore finds Sheriff, and pushes him all the way to the top of the hill. After rescuing Sheriff, Fillmore is rewarded with a new paint job.

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