Book of Hienok

Chapter 2.

1. After man childran abounded it became thus:

2. An ina that season handsome comely childran were birthed fe them - an the offspring of Siet - who were pon the Hola Mount - sight them up an loved them.

3. An them told one another "Come - mek wi choose fe wi dawtaz from Qayel childran ~ mek wi birth fe wi childran."

4. Them chief who were Simazya told them "As fe mi - mi fear - check - meanin unu don't love that this Work might be worked - an mi alone will become who raceive this firm sin hardship."

5. An all answered him sayin "Wi all havin conferred - mek wi swear a oath fe one another lest wi change this counsel an that wi mek this counsel a standin thing."

6. An at that time all bein one - an all havin conferred with one another - them swore pon it - an all were two hundred.

7. An them alit toward a place called 'Ardees* - an this are 'Armon'iem mountain head - an as them have conferred with one other an sworn pon it - them called 'Armon'iem mountain pon Oath mountain. [* perhaps with Charles, "ina Yaried era?"]

8. An this are them chiefs names: Them first chief are Simazya - the second Urakeeberam'iel - the third 'Akeebee'iel - the fourth Tham'iel - the fifth Ramu'iel - the sixth Dan'iel - the seventh 'Izieqa'iel - the eighth Suruqayal - the ninth 'As'iel - the tenth 'Armoris - the eleventh Bethir'iel - the twelfth 'Anan'iel - the thirteenth Zeqeebee - the fourteenth Samsapee'iel - the fifteenth Sirt'iel - the sixteenth Thuru'ielyom - the seventeenth Ya'iel - the eighteenth are 'Arazyal; these are the two hundred chiefs chiefs an all others are with them.

9. An them married wives from them - an all chose someone each fe him ras self.

10. An them began that them might enter toward them - an them became one with them (them arrived ina them).

11. Them taught them pessimism an showin tricks ~ them pointed out fe them root diggin an leaf tearin.

12. An them concieved an birthed giant warrior childran - an them height are three thousand forearms each*.

13. These ate all money wherein persons weary - reachin up til it failed them faadas an mothers fe feed them.

14. An the giant childran returned toward eatin - that them might eat them faadas an mothers.

15. An them began fe wrong while them worshipped beasts an birds - fish an insects.

16. An them fed one another them flesh an drank blood from she.

17. An at that time Earth downcused wrongdoers (the 'humble ones' - the 'princes').

18. An 'Azaz`iel taught persons fe mek sabres an swords - fe downpress shields an fe work armour.

19. An them showed them them Works that are beneath them - other ornamants an bracelets - eyebrow dressin an eye smudgin an the best jewels from all chosen an honoured jewels - balsam heatin an all the world changes (a person makin the horse the mule).

20. Firm iniquity an much lust were done; them erred ~ them lusted - an all them Work perished.

21. 'Ameezarak taught demon pullin - trick showin - root diggin an leaf tearin all - an 'Armaros taught demon pullin.

22. An Bereq'iel taught star numberin.

23. An [[Kokeb'iel taught sign showin.

24. An Thimo'iel taught star numberin.

25. An 'Asrad'iel taught the moon gait.

26. An persons cried by persons downstruction - an them word reached toward Heaven.

27. At that time Meeka'iel an Gebr'iel - Sur'iel an Suryal visited bein ina Heaven.

28. Them sight up many persons blood that flowed through violence ina this world - all the violence that are worked ina this world.

29. An them discussed with one another persons cry word. An Earth remainin alone (the humble ones) she cried up til she cry reached Heaven gate.

30. "An now unu Angels ina Heaven - introduce dead persons souls an InI plea toward JAH fe InI ~ them downcuse unu" them said.

31. Them said thus fe them King Who reigned - "Fe Thou are Lords Lord an fe Thou are God Who are above gods an fe Thou are King Who are above kings.

32. An Thy Lordship Throne live firmed up fe a child child era - an fe Thy Name fe a child child era foriva are honoured an praised - an fe Thou are honoured an praised.

33. An Thou know havin Irated all Thou Irated - an fe all Itority are with Thee-I (ina Thy Hand) an fe all are revealed before Thee-I.

34. Fe Thou know havin examined all - an fe there are nothing possible fe be hidden from Thee-I.

35. Sight up what 'Azaz'iel did ~ sight up that him taught all the violence ina this world - that him taught all that were hidden ina this world that are worked ina Heaven" them told HIM.

36. "An sight up that Simazya - whom Thou gave Itority that him might rule them who are together with him - taught trick showin.

37. An bein one them went toward Qayel childran; an with these dawtaz them arrived ina them ~ them were defouled an revealed sins fe them.

38. An dawtaz birthed giant childran - an by this all Earth were filled of violence an blood.

39. An now check - them souls cry separated from them flesh ~ them downcuse up til it reach up til Heaven.

40. An them cry reached up til Heaven ~ them cyaan be healed arisin from the violence worked ina this world bein revealed.

41. An Thou know this before it are done - an Thou know both this an also rich an poor ones thing.

42. An there are no thing that Thou tell InI ~ it are due as fe what InI might do fe them ina this thing."

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