Henry wishes to be as splended as Flying Scotsman and Gordon.Henry overhears he might be getting six tenders.After getting his six tenders cause him problem's,he gets to be an one tendered engine again!

James (cameo)

Toby (cameo)


Sir Topham Hatt



Flying Scotsman







Narrator: It was Summer time on Sodor and the engines are working hard. One day, Henry was talking
to Gordon and Flying Scotsman.

Henry: I wish I can be Splendid as you Flying Scotsman with another tender.

Flying Scotsman: It's in your dreams Henry that you'll be getting another tender like me.

Henry: 6 lovely tenders?

Gordon: He's right, you know.

Flying Scotsman: I'm going to get my passenger train at Knapford.

Henry: I'll show him I am going to get 6 tenders

Narrator: Flying Scotsman puffed away to get his coaches.Henry was pulling coal cars to the docks. Then an idea flew into his funnel.

Henry: I know what I can do, I'll go to the Steamworks to get another tender.

Narrator: He delivered his trucks to the docks and went to the Steamworks.

Victor: Hello my friend, what do you need?

Henry: I want 6 tenders.

Victor: (groans) Kevin!

Kevin: Sorry boss.

Narrator: Henry was waiting for his tenders while Victor was getting it arranged, later he was out with his 6 tenders.

Sir Topham Hatt: Henry, I need you to take a goods train to the docks.

Henry: Yes, sir

Narrator: Henry puffed away with his six tenders. He was coupled up to his train.Then Thomas and Percy puffed up.

Percy: Hello Henry, nice looking tenders of yours.

Thomas: i'm getting worried about you Henry about your tenders. It'll give you boiler ache.

Henry: I'll be fine Thomas. Now if you excuse me, I got a train to pull.

Narrator: He puffed away. On the way to the docks, he met Emily at Edward's station.

Emily: Hello, Henry, I see you got 6 tenders.

Henry: Please Emily, if wasn't careful with my tenders, I got boiler ache.

Narrator: Emily started to get worried.

Emily: You know,Henry on the look of your tenders your really taking it too far now.

Henry: I'm doing just fine with my tenders Emily

Narrator: He puffed away

Emily: Okay Henry,but I didn't say I didn't warn you

Narrator: Soon he reached Gordon's hill.

Henry: I can do it, I can do it.

Narrator: he panted. Then there was trouble, Henry started to get a pain in his smokebox.

Henry: I got such a pain in my smokebox, I'm slowing down.

Narrator: He rolled back down the hill. Henry's driver inspected his boiler.

Henry's Driver: You got boiler ache somewhere, boy. I'll telephone for help.

Narrator: His driver telephoned and Thomas helped as a back engine. After Henry delivered his load, he went to the steamworks. He out as a one tendered engine again and it'll be ungrateful ever to have 6 tenders again.


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