Henry's World is a Canadian animated children's series.


Season 1

  1. Pet Dinosaur/Pirates Out of Water
  2. My Two Front Teeth/Goragh
  3. Triple Trouble/Tunneling To China
  4. Is Anybody Out There?/Secrets
  5. My Gorilla Is Bigger Then Yours/Whither Weather
  6. Sugar Overload/Lady Luck
  7. Henry the Magnificent/Jump to It
  8. Hitch In Time/Doris' Day
  9. Love Is In The Air/Who's Afraid Of The Dark
  10. Middle Child Blues/Silver Tongue
  11. Carrots Away/Price of Lame
  12. Costume Capers/Fire's Out
  13. X-Ray X-mas/Darwin For A Day

Season 2

  1. Super Hero Henry/Treasure Hunt
  2. Henry's New Shoes/Stuck on You
  3. Henry's Massive Munchies/Plant Life
  4. Home Run Henry/Henry the Brave Knight
  5. Henry and Henrietta/Stage Fright
  6. Happy Birthday Henry/Henry's Big Story
  7. Henry's Little Adventure/Henry the Cook
  8. Now You See Me/Talk To The Animals
  9. The Chestervale Challenge/Fishing Friends
  10. King of Chestervale/Henry the Halloween Wizard
  11. Kung Fu Henry/Henry the Cowboy
  12. Dad For A Day/Haircut Hoopla
  13. Henry's Christmas Gifts/Snow Day

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