Henry as Noddy

Flynn as Big Ears

Bertie as Bumpy Dog

Molly as Tessie Bear

Thomas as Mr. Tubby Bear

Old Slow Coach as Mrs. Tubby Bear

Spencer as Master Tubby Bear

Diesel as Mr. Plod

Victor as Mr. Milko

Rocky as Mr. Jumbo

Scruff as Clockwork Mouse

Madge as Sally Skittle

Warrior (from TUGS) as Bert Monkey

Judge Judy the Diesel as Martha Monkey

Mavis as Dinah Doll

Pinknose as Miss Pink Cat

Trevor as Mr. Sparks

Sir Handel as Mr. Train Driver

Colin as Mr. Wobbly Man

Ferdinand as Sammy Sailor

Mr. Percival as Mr. Straw

Mrs. Percival as Mrs. Straw

Rheneas as Mr. Noah

Flora as Mrs. Noah

Lorry 2 as Sly

Gordon as Gobbo

Lorry 1 as Harry Slime (from Avenger Penguins)

Percy as Noddy's Car

Kevin as Bunkey

Freddie as Father Christmas

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