• Henry as Pikachu
  • Scruff as Piplup
  • Diesel as Buizel
  • Molly as Buneary
  • Madge as Jigglypuff
  • Spencer as Turtwig
  • Thomas as Sudowoodo
  • Flynn as Gligar
  • Trever as Chimchar
  • Victor as Squirtle
  • Kevin as Mudkip
  • Splatter and Dodge as Pichu Bros.
  • Bill as Magnemite
  • Ben as Beldum
  • Lady as Aipom
  • Mavis as Eevee
  • Rosie as Emolga
  • Alfred the Loaned B12 as Mewtwo
  • Percy as Pachirisu
  • Lorry 1 as Ekans
  • Lorry 2 as Koffing
  • Spamcan (from RWS) as Darkrai
  • Diesel 10 as Electabuzz
  • The Spiteful Brakevan as Mightyena
  • Cranky as Tropius
  • Harold as Pigeot
  • Sir Handel as Krokorok
  • Wiff as Scraggy
  • Duck as Weavile
  • Oliver as Psyduck
  • Mr. Percival as Ash
  • Mrs. Percival as Misty
  • and more

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