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  • Molly as Tillie
  • Lady as Georgia
  • Flynn as Doc
  • James as Farnsworth
  • Diesel as Pete
  • Trevor as Jebediah
  • Henry as Chip
  • Cranky as Tower
  • Scruff as Eric
  • Pinknose as Jill
  • Thomas as Rollo the Clown
  • Colin as Chippers the Toy Monkey
  • Judge Judy the Diesel as Grumpella
  • Bill and Ben as the Giraffes
  • Victor as Perky
  • Bertie as Handy Pandy
  • Kevin as Stretch
  • Mavis as Missy
  • Rusty, Charlie, Neville, BoCo, Rex (from RWS), Duke, Duncan, Den, Dart and Hiro as Toy Soldiers/Teddy Bears/Cake-Carrying Mice
  • Gordon as The Big Wolf
  • Percy as The Little Wolf
  • Bulstrode as The Eagle
  • Spamcan (from RWS) as The Voice Inside The Cave

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