Henry Fitzroy is a lead character on the television series, Blood Ties, wherein he lives the rich life in a penthouse condo in one of Toronto's best neighborhoods. To the world he is a handsome 24 year old playboy and successful artist/writer of two graphic novel series -- Blood Price and Dark Destinies. Only a select group knows that Henry is an almost 500 year old vampire and the illegitimate son of Henry VIII.

Major Events in Henry's history

Historical Background

Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset (born June 15, 1519) was the son of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth Blount, one of the ladies in waiting to Queen Catherine of Aragon. He was the Kings eldest son and the only illegitimate offspring the King acknowledged (the name Fitzroy was a title given to illegitimate children and actually translates as "child of the King"). Henry Fitzroy was named to the two Dukedoms and the Earlship of Nottingham at the age of six.

Fitzroy was raised in Yorkshire at Sheriff Hutton Castle and according to various history books, his father kept a close eye on his upbringing with the intention of having the boy named his legal heir.

November 1533, The Duke married Mary Howard the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk and cousin to Anne Boleyn.

In the Spring of 1536, the young Duke unexpectedly took ill and died just over a month after his seventeenth birthday (on 22 July). History books list the official cause of death as consumption (aka Tuberculous) a common illness of the time. However there were various conspiracies including witchcraft and poisoning. Both charges were, in fact, placed on Anne Boleyn during the trial that eventually lead to her beheading.

The conspiracies were not far from the truth. During his teenaged years at court, the young Duke fell in love with a the widowed Lady Christina. After a few months, she revealed the truth that she was a vampire. Deeply in love, Henry asked Christina to turn him so they could spend eternity together. Unfortunately within months, the territorial instinct took over and after an almost deadly fight, they departed company.

The Spanish Inquistion

Adventures in Las Vegas

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