• Daddo as Pongo
  • Momma as Perdita
  • Grando as Roger
  • Nan-oh as Anita
  • Grammo as Nanny
  • Chef Mimi Monstermouth as Cruella
  • Monsterrobots 1&2 as Jasper and Horace
  • Maude Joyce Ernestine Kate and Metilda as The Bachelorettes
  • Ben's Mother Chris' Mother Tommy and Jerry's Mother Kayla's Mother and Marasol's Mother as The Bachelorettes' Dogs
  • Mr. Growl as Dirty Dawson
  • Cobby as Lucky
  • Henry as Patch
  • Denzel as Rolly
  • Summer as Penny
  • Milo as Freckles
  • Roberto as Pepper
  • Gertie Estelle Hunter Oscar Izzy Roy Kelly Meg Fergus Ivor Hugo Ben Stanley Kirby Samuel Terry Zack Chris Rusty Peter Toad Tommy Jerry Kayla Ruby Kiki Atta Marasol Gussy Mini Frank Jessie Candy Holly Hank Mike Steve Diana Monsterbabies and Mini-Monsters as The Dalmatian Puppies
  • Captain Hollander as Denny
  • Irving as Scottie
  • Signor Rontonto as Towser
  • Isabella Roarson as Lucy
  • Officer Higgins as Captain
  • Harry as Sergeant
  • Harold as Colonel
  • Mr. Winklemonster as Collie
  • Stanley's Mother Rusty's Mother Ruby's Mother and Gussy's Mother as The Cows
  • Gregor as Labrador

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