• Henry as Young Bambi
  • Denzel as Young Thumper
  • Milo as Young Flower
  • Summer as Young Faline
  • Roy and Kelly as Geno and Gurri
  • Oscar as Friend Owl
  • Daddo as The Great Prince of The Forest
  • Momma as Bambi's Mother
  • Nan-oh as Aunt Ena
  • Gertie Estelle Izzy and Meg as Thumper's Sisters
  • Maude as Miss Bunny
  • Joyce as Miss Skunk
  • Mr. Growl as The Man
  • Mini-Monsters as The Hunter Dogs
  • Roddy as Young Ronno
  • Mayor Roariani as Ronno's Mother
  • Mrs. Growlberg as Mrs. Quail
  • Isabella Roarson as Pheasant
  • Monstermans as The Young Bucks
  • Matilda Kayla Jessie and Marasol as The Possums
  • Fergus as Porcupine
  • Grammo as Mrs. Hare
  • Kate as Mena
  • Dexter as Adult Bambi
  • Herold as Adult Thumper
  • Gregor as Adult Flower
  • Dee as Adult Faline
  • Monstertroll as Adult Ronno

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