• Gertie as Belle
  • Denzel as Adam
  • Oscar as The Beast
  • Henry as Lumiere
  • Cobby as Cogsworth
  • Summer as Mrs. Potts
  • Ivor as Chip
  • Monsterbabies as Chip's Other Children
  • Signor Roartonto as Chef Bouche
  • Monstermans as The Villagers
  • Fergus as Maurice
  • Officer Higgins as Philippe
  • Roddy as Gaston
  • Mr. Growl as Lefou
  • Momma Nan-oh and Dee as The Bimbettes
  • Beckett as Sultan
  • Estelle as Wardrobe
  • Izzy as Fifi
  • Isabella Roarson as Enchantress
  • Monstertroll as Monsieur D' Arque
  • Mini Monsters as The Wolves
  • Hugo as The Music Box
  • Monsterrobots as Gaston's Buddies
  • Gurglar as Pierre
  • Palanquin as Himself
  • Kelly as Angelique
  • Monsterdragon as Forte
  • Milo as Fife
  • Roberto as Webster
  • Hunter as Crane
  • Roy as Le Plume
  • Witherspoon as Himself
  • Meg as Chandeleria

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