• Henry as Tarzan
  • Milo as Young Tarzan
  • Ivor as Baby Tarzan
  • Roberto as Terk
  • Denzel as Tantor
  • Meg as Kala
  • Oscar as Kerchak
  • Ben and Chris as Flynt and Mungo
  • Monstertroll as Sabor
  • Momma as Tarzan's Mom
  • Daddo as Tarzan's Dad
  • Monsterbaby as Baby Baboon
  • Summer as Jane
  • Cobby as Porter
  • Roddy as Clayton
  • Evil Henry and Friends (Made up Henry Hugglemonster Character) as The Mans
  • Mini-Monster as The Baboon
  • Fergus as Zugor
  • Chef Mimi Monstermouth as Mama Gunda
  • Monsterrobots 1&2 as Kago and Uto
  • Gertie as Greenly
  • Izzy as Eleanor
  • Kaya as Hazel
  • Monsterrobots 3&4 as Nuru and Sheeta
  • Officer Higgins as Nigel

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