• Ivor as Mowgli
  • Henry as Baloo
  • Cobby as Bagheera
  • Roberto as King Louie
  • Roddy as Shere Khan
  • Monstertroll as Kaa
  • Oscar as Colonel
  • Gertie as Winifred
  • Milo as Hathi Jr.
  • Denzel as Buzzie
  • Hunter as Flaps
  • Roy as Ziggy
  • Fergus as Dizzy
  • Captain Hollander as Akela
  • Irving as Rama
  • Summer as Shanti
  • Isablla Roarson as Raksha
  • Mini-Monsters as The Wolf Pups
  • Monstermans as The Wolf Council
  • Ben Izzy Chris Meg Tommy Kayla Frank and Jessie as The Jungle Patorl
  • Harry as Flunkey
  • Monsterrobots as The Bandar-log

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