• Meg as Tillie
  • Gertie as Georgia
  • Cobby as Jebediah
  • Oscar as Pete
  • Denzel as Farnsworth
  • Fergus as Doc
  • Ivor and Chip
  • Mr. Growl as Tower
  • Milo as Eric
  • Momma as Jill
  • Roddy as Eagle
  • Daddo as Rollo The Clown
  • Henry as Jeepers The Toy Monkey
  • Roberto and Hunter as The Giraffes
  • Summer as Grumpella
  • Roy as Handy Pandy
  • Grando as Strech
  • Nan-oh as Missy
  • Izzy as Perky The Baby Elephant
  • Ben and His Friends and Mini-Monsters as The Toy Saldiors Teddy Bears and Cake-Carrying Mice
  • Monstertroll as The Big Wolf
  • Glimmer Known as The Little Wolf
  • Monsterdargon as The Voice Inside The Cave

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