• Denzel as Bernard
  • Meg as Miss Bianca
  • Hollander as Chairmouse
  • Milo as Rufus
  • Summer as Penny
  • Mimi as Madame
  • Mr. Growl as Mr. Snoops
  • Signor as Orville
  • Monsterrobots 1&2 as Brutus and Nero
  • Gertie as Ellie Mae
  • Oscar as Luke
  • Ivor as Evinrude
  • Cobby as Deadeye
  • Fergus as Digger
  • Roberto as Gramps
  • Hunter as Deacon
  • Mini-Monsters as The Bats
  • Ben Chris Tommy Izzy Kayla and Marasol as The Orphans
  • Momma and Daddo as Penny's Parents
  • Harry as Jake
  • Henry as Cody
  • Nan-oh as Cody's Mom
  • Mrs. Growburg as Faloo
  • Mike as Nelson
  • Enormo Henry as Marahute
  • Roddy as Percival
  • Monstertroll as Joanna
  • Hugo as Sparky
  • Irving as Francois
  • Higgins as Wilbur
  • Glimmer Known as Dr. Mouse
  • Steve as Frank
  • Roy as Krebbs
  • Frank as Red
  • Gussy as Baitmouse
  • Monsterdragon as The Razorback
  • Monsterrobot 3 as Twister
  • Evil Henry and Friends (Made up Henry Hugglemonster Character) as The Crocodiles

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