• Summer as Princess Poppy
  • Henry as Branch
  • Meg as DJ Suki
  • Cobby as Biggie
  • Gertie and Izzy as Satin and Chenille
  • Denzel as Cooper
  • Oscar as Guy Diamond
  • Kelly as Smidge
  • Milo/Roy as Fuzzbert
  • Momma as Grandma Rosiepuff
  • Estelle as Moxie Dewdrop
  • Roberto/Hunter as Aspen
  • Daddo as King Peppy
  • Nan-oh as Mandy Sparkledust
  • Maude as Harper
  • Fergus as Cloud Guy
  • Roddy as Creek
  • Mimi Monstermouth as Chef
  • Mr. Growl as King Gristle
  • Harry as Prince Gristle
  • Hildegard as Bridget
  • Monsterrobots 1&2 Chad and Todd
  • Beckett as Barnebis

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