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If you have any cool ideas for something to do on the Henry Jones show, leave it on the following list with your name!


A game show with cool prizes! That would be so awesome! –Henry Jones

make ur show like a sitcome, were ppl laf at the funny part, clap at the good parts, and go "ooooooooo" when ppl make out –sam

Get a more creative idea! –Emi


There are 13 old episodes of the Henry Jones Show, and last time checked, there was one new episode. Here are the titles, lengths, dates, and descriptions of them.

Old Episode 1: Henry Jones 1 (11:45)

5/7/06 Henry Jones gets his own show. Accents, interviews, and cool talents. What fun.

Old Episode 2: Lord of the Onion Rings (15:51)

6/4/06 Shelby makes rockin' music. Lord of the Onion Rings is a big hit. Nearby kids are bad at riddles. Spamalot was awesome. My camera is about to die.

Old Episode 3: Lord of the Onion Rings 2 (21:01)

6/15/06 L.O.T.O.R. is great. Chalk proppity-ganda. Henry's brain is scrambled like eggs. Minty fresh!

Old Episode 4: Greetings From Florida! (0:33)

7/6/06 See you guys soon! Here's a clip show.

Old Episode 5: Chair Man's Revenge (11:48)

7/15/06 Beach balls have hard lives. Nobody's home. Chair Man goes into defense mode so he doesn't get blasted by a laser cannon. A smiley face gets melted in empty blackness, while Henry hates his empty whiteness.

Old Episode 6: Special FX (16:47)

7/17/06 VOTE!!! Ben makes special effects all episode. Furby is served. Sand Tackle Laws is coming to town. Fire Flyz are pretty. Emi's life must be depressing. There's something strange going on in that house...

Old Episode 7: Meet George (14:04)

8/5/06 New decoration! Henry likes balloons. We meet George, and he defeats the orange head leader. Annoying Boy has bubblegum muscles. Henry plays guitar, apparently. Video Games And Textual Studies. The greatest things in the world are video games, movies, dogs, and Legos. Block party! Huzzah!

Old Episode 8: Technical Difficulties (10:02)

8/16/06 I need a new camera. Here's an audio podcast. s.c. runs it.

Old Episode 9: The Pop Bandit (13:02)

8/20/06 The Henry Jones Land Squishies are winning 8:0, and the Daily Door 2 Door is losing 6:8. The Squishies have a blog, but all the comments are on Henry's blog. The Pop Bandit has raided the Brain Teaser of the Day, but who is he? Sheerojynns have a theme song now, and Henry has a teleporter portal thingy.

Old Episode 10: Toigu (20:58)

8/21/06 TENTH EPISODE! We return to Henry's malfunctioning washing machine. Henry has unleashed a source of unspeakable evil, and we have to help him destroy it. Now we know that Annoying Boy has friends, but we don't know anything about toigu, and nobody knows what to do for the tenth episode, except for Erik. He suggests a cartoon about George. Gabe suggests I interview him.

Old Episode 11; Sheerojynn (13:00)

8/28/06 TOIGU VOTING HAS STARTED! Henry comes up with more uses for a sheerojynn, resulting in music, transformation, and invisibility. I'm drawing a weird red bird that lives in the jungle. Perpetual motion is awesome.

Old Episode 12: The Lost Episode (14:17)

9/11/06 Henry goes crazy.

Old Episode 13: Dogs and Donuts (12:09)

9/11/06 The last old episode. Sapphire explains her past, and they've invented a sugarless donut (also called a bagel). No cartoon. Bush can only speak to himself, and he wants to shake an Iraqi HAHANDND. Things are jumping on Henry.

Episode 1: Randomness (10:23)

10/14/06 Henry talks about randomness to start us off.

Episode 2: The Second Episode (7:12)

11/11/06 Henry loses his awesome cool shades.


The Henry Jones Show mainly takes place at The Bench, but there is still room for other people.

Henry Jones

Everyone's favorite guy in a top hat. The main character, too. What a coincidence. Henry Jones films, edits, and posts the episodes by himself, which is why he's all over the credits. He can be a bit vain at times.


Henry's sister is Emi, sometimes reffered to as Angry Angry Emi. She doesn't enjoy being on the show. However, everyone knows she secretly wants her own show.

Mr. and Mrs. Squishy

Mr. and Mrs. Squishy are two squishy pillows. Mr. Squishy is blue, and Mrs. Squishy is yellow. They're awesome! Or at least they are in Henry's opinion. Most people hate them. When Henry requested a drawing of them from Emi, she refused immediately. The Squishies have their own blog at


George is a little green dude who runs around mazes doing stuff. Henry will occasionally have a "George adventure", in which he will set up a new maze for George. He appears to move on his own, perhaps by magnetism...

Annoying Boy Characters

Annoying Boy is a circular green guy who appears in some cartoons, doing random things. He was Henry's old web cartoon from fourth grade, but when he decided to make a show, he took A.B. with him. Annoying Boy apparently has some friends. There's Hat Dude, and the Hat Seller, who tries to kill him. Bumstead is the Hat Seller's sidekick. Hat Dude also has a dog named Cappy. Annoying Boy has a sister named Gem, who has a friend named Sapphire. He also knows a teleporting blue guy named Bob, and a shapeshifter named Landform. Ms. Southeast is the only teacher at the school, since there aren't many people around to teach. Henry might also add two other characters in the future: Tommy the Tomato, and Mister Eiy (who isn't a teacher).

Other People

During the Daily Door2Door, Henry Jones visits lots of other people at their houses and asks them questions. Their names won't be mentioned here because Henry doesn't have time to ask for their permission. Too bad.


random kid henry knows. he costared on da show!!

Other Sites

The Website

At, you can find links to all three websites, the toigu voting, and all 13 old episodes! That's pretty much it.


Henry eventually realized that he needed a website. He had a Comcast account, but he wasn't too good at all that HTML. Luckily, the nice folks over at give out free blogs! Henry got a blog, and now you can learn more about him and his upcoming episodes at! The blog's links lead to a picture of the OBLAARGGAG!? owl, a picture of Mashed Potato Jones, and a sound clip of a creepy painting whispering, "Come on in heeeeeere..." There are also links to websites that Henry likes,, and a link to Mr. and Mrs. Squishy's blog (hosted by Henry Jones).


One day, while Henry was playing scrabble, he found a word in his available letters: toigu. Wondering what this might mean, Henry created an internet game at, in which people post their ideas for the definition of toigu, and then vote on it. The voting is finished, and toiguphobia is the fear of balancing a bowl of dog food on your head while skinny-dipping with sharks by candlelight.

How To Subscribe To Henry Jones

There are two ways to subscribe to the show.

Method #1

Open iTunes. Make sure you have a pretty good version (you should have a podcasts playlist). Go to the menu bar at the top. Select "Advanced", and "Subscribe to Podcast". When a box comes up, type in: and press enter. Voila! When you want the new episodes, press the "update" button in the top right corner. To watch an episode, double click it, and click on the movie in the bottom left for a larger window.

Method #2

Make sure you have a good version of iTunes (you should have a podcasts playlist). Go to the iTunes music store and search for Henry Jones. You should find it there; it's simply called Henry Jones, and has the podcast icon as its picture. Click on it, and look for where it says "Free...Subscribe". Click the subscribe button. Now you're subscribed! Go into your podcast playlist and it'll be there.When you want the new episodes, press the "update" button in the top right corner. To watch an episode, double click it, and click on the movie in the bottom left for a larger window.

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