Henry And The Elephant (Thomas And The Special Letter VHS)05:32

Henry And The Elephant (Thomas And The Special Letter VHS)

Henry and The Elephant was the season 4 episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.


When the circus has arrived, the engines soon forgot to be tired and cross, but Gordon & Henry were cross all over again when James got to pull the train away. But then Henry has to clear a tunnel. Henry brought the workmen to investigate then they bumped into something which made them frightened, so Henry is told to clear it even though he was scared he tried it and it was an elephant that got out of the tunnel, The workmen gave him some cake, He drank three buckets of water, Henry let off steam and scared the elephant, The elephant sprayed Henry with water. That night Gordon & James teased Henry, but Thomas comforted him.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Sir Topham Hatt


First and only appearance of the elephant

Second time Gordon had teased an engine the first was No Joke For James

"Ooh right on time and really reliable" is the only quote from Annie & Clarabel"


Henry: An elephant pushed me, an elephant hoshed me

Gordon: First the rain then an elephant whatever would you be afraid of next

Thomas: Never mind Henry I think you are brave today and really reliable too


In restored version, When Alec Baldwin said "Huffed Henry" he said it in his Henry voice

At the beginning of the story, Thomas' whistle sound is actually Edward's


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