Henry and the Ghost Train is a alternate episode by PercyAndTobyFan2002


One of the attractions at a new fairground is a ghost train. Daisy asks her driver what a ghost train was. He explains a ghost train is a train that rides through a tunnel and frightens the riders with spooky things, Daisy sniffers. But Henry, who heard everything, scoffs at the ideas of spooks, but does not want to meet one.

Later Henry is taking some workmen to investigate a tunnel with a fallen roof when his tender derails. Henry falls asleep waiting for help, but wakes up to be frightened by a ghost. Henry puffs away, but then encounters a headless green knight, a station with a skeleton crew, a Very Thin Controller, a vampire, and deeper in the tunnel. A ghostly Gordon.

Henry wakes to find he was dreaming, but decides not to tell anyone.




  • This episode is based on the mini book of the same name.
  • The ghosts in Henry's dream would animated by The Magic Camera Company. Like the bee that strung James in Buzz, Buzz.
  • This would be part of Season 4 and air on Halloween day in 1994.