Henr the builder (James/Hank (Lorry 1/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version9 Version) Version) is a Henry/Bob the Builder (James/Hank (Lorry 1/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version) Version) Version) parody sereis.


  • Henry as Bob
  • Caroline as Wendy
  • Little Ditcher (from TUGS) as Pilchard
  • Alfie as Scoop
  • Bertram as Muck
  • Belle as Dizzy
  • Paxton as Roley
  • Proteus as Lofty
  • Jack as Travis
  • Stanley as Spud
  • Neville as Scrambler


Season 1

  • Alfie Saves The Day
  • Henry and The Hedgehogs/Henry Saves The Porcupines
  • Little Ditcher in a Pickle
  • Bertram Gets It Back
  • Caroline's Busy Day
  • Buffalo Henry
  • Jack Paints The Town
  • Jack and Alfie's Race Day
  • Henry's Birthday
  • Naughty Stanley
  • Scary Stanley
  • Henry's Barnraising

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