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Henry the ERTL Adventures is a Thomas/Thomas the ERTL Adventures Parody Series. It is All About Henry the Green Engine and his friends are Murdoch, Sixteen a vain red tank engine who doesn't like Henry and More of Henry's Friends and The Controlling Train is Thomas the Tank Engine.


  • Henry - Thomas
  • Toby - Edward
  • Neville - Henry
  • Diesel 10 - Gordon
  • Sixteen - James
  • Oliver - Percy
  • Boco - Toby
  • Sir Handel - Duck
  • Mighty - Donald
  • Mac - Douglas
  • Duck - Oliver
  • Molly - Emily
  • Thomas - Sir Topham Hatt
  • Emily - Lady Hatt
  • and more


Season 1

  • Henry and the New Train
  • Class 40 Takes a Swim
  • Toby and Edward
  • The Diesel Rail-Car the Horrid
  • Peter Sam, Billy and Old Stuck Up
  • Edward and the New Engine
  • A Bad Day For Lorry
  • Lorry and the Dangerous Points
  • Lorry Falls Down a Canel
  • Bill/Ben Works it Out
  • Sir Handel the Really Useful Engine

Season 2

  • Gordon and Diesel 12
  • Madge and the Signal
  • Sir Handel and Rocco
  • Edward and the Christmas Train
  • Madge's Ghostly Trick
  • Madge the Woolly Bear
  • Henry Rescues Stanley
  • Edward and Arthur
  • Sir Handel Saves the Day
  • Dunkin Diesel 10

Season 3

  • Sir Handel, Duncan and the Broken Bridge
  • Gordon's Big Fight
  • Wilbert the Really Useful Engine
  • I'm Not Pulling Any Goods Train
  • James and the Dangerous Bridge
  • The Trouble with Old Stuck Up
  • Reddish-Brown Record
  • The Coon
  • Sixteen's Big Fight
  • Duck Helps Sixteen
  • The New Brakes
  • The Trial
  • Passenger Theif!


  • The Revenge of Sixteen the Red Tank Engine (flim)
  • The Warth of Diesel
  • Christmas Special: Sixteen's Evil Plan
  • and more whoo whoo

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