Her Cheeseburger is a Netflix version of His Cheeseburger. It is sung by Diana Lombard, as we show Lily Parker's addiction to cheeseburgers.


  • At the beginning of the music video, Lexi is mad over the recent song's outcome and cancels Silly Songs on Netflix until further notice, leaving Mel upset. The segment is then replaced with Love Songs With Diana Lombard and there, she sings Her Cheeseburger, while the music video takes place at Burger Fool.


  1. Mel Blake (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  2. Lexi Bunny (Jessica DiCicco)
  3. Diana Lombard (Kelly Sheridan)
  4. Lily Parker (Alex Cazares)

Transcript and Lyrics

  • (We open this music video with the Silly Songs on Netflix logo)
  • Ash: And now, it's time for Silly Songs on Netflix, the part of the show where my friends and I come out and sing a silly song.
  • Lexi: Just a moment! Wait! Stop talking!
  • (music stops, and Lexi shows up with a letter)
  • Lexi: Excuse me, I have an announcement! (clears her throat, and reads out a letter) "Because of the high standards we on this show strive to adhere to, and as a result of the disastrous outcome of the previous Silly Song, management has decided to review compositions from other performers for this segment. Several songs were screened and we chose one based on the applicants sense of artistry and all around propriety." Thank you.
  • (Mel looks confused)
  • Mel: So what are you saying?
  • Lexi: (offscreen) I'm saying (onscreen) Silly Songs is cancelled until futher noticed.
  • (Mel looks behind on the bear trap)
  • Mel: Oh, yeah?! Well, then how'm I supposed to get out of this bear trap?
  • Lexi: I'm sure you'll figure something out.
  • (pea worker shows up and pulls out the new title card)
  • Ash: And now it's time for Love Songs with Diana Lombard, the part of the show where Diana comes out and sings a love song.
  • Diana: He said to her, "I'd like a cheeseburger And I might like a milkshake as well" She said to him, "I can't give you either" He said, "Isn't this Burger Bell?" She said," Yes it is but we're closed now But we open tomorrow at 10" He said, " I am extremely hungry But I guess I can wait until then" Cause you're his cheeseburger His yummy cheeseburger He'll wait for yo-u, yeah He will wait for yo-u Oh, you are his cheeseburger His tasty cheeseburger He'll wait for yo-u Oh, he will wait for you
  • (changes to morning)
  • Diana: He stayed at the drive-through till sunrise He may have dozed off once or twice When he spotted a billboard for Denny's Bacon and Eggs for half price How could he resist such an offer? He really needed something to munch Cheeseburger please do not get angry
  • Chorus: Don't get angry
  • Diana: He'll eat and be back here for lunch Cause you're his cheeseburger His precious cheeseburger Be back for yo-u He'll be back for yo-u Won't be so long cheeseburger Oh, lovely cheeseburger Be back for yo-u Oh, he'll be back for you Because he loves you cheeseburger With all his heart And there ain't nothin' gonna tear You tw-o apart And if the world suddenly ran out of cheese He would get down on his hands and knees To see if someone accidentally dropped Some cheese in the dirt And he would wash it off for you Wipe it off for you Clean that dirty cheese off Just for you!!! You are his cheeseburger
  • Lexi: I thought you were going to sing about growing up in Connecticut!
  • Ash: This has been Love Songs with Diana Lombard. Tune in next time to hear Diana say...
  • Diana: I grew up in New Jersey.

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