Sturmelle15's version of "Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley" from the Total Drama World Tour episode "Aftermath Aftermayhem".

  • Cast
  • Chester McBadBat(Fairly Odd Parents)-Geoff
  • Princess Morbucks(Powerpuff Girls)-Blaineley


Chester: Here's an open letter to a treasure of a girl!

Princess Morbucks: That's me!

Chester: Whose behavior on this show always makes me hurl!

Princess Morbucks: What?!

Chester: She's a nasty, brunette schemer, who calls herself your host! Without the help of her entourage, her job would be toast!

Entourage: Hey!

Princess Morbucks: Hey! Heeeyyy.....

Chester: She'll tell you that she loves your shirt, but it's something she can't stand! She's just so full of you-know-what, she has to double-flush the can!

Entourage: Hey!

Princess Morbucks: I eat a lot of fiber!

Chester: She bought two pairs of the same jeans, one size four, and one size eight! So when she wears the bigger ones, you'll ask if she's lost weight!

Entourage: Hey!

Chester: She's not the gal you think she is, so let me tell you plainly. There's thick black hair between her toes, and her real name isn't Princess Morbucks!

Entourage: Hey!

Chester: She's a phony, scheming, weasel-nose! And her real name isn't Princess Morbucks! She steals and lies, and she's evil, bros, and her real name isn't Princess Morbucks! It's Kelly!

Entourage: Hey!

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