The HMB is the elite battlegroup of kratas lead by Admiral Jones in the Ark Royale (and accompanied by three HMS class ships as well as 2 RAF merlin carriers and a UNSC supercarrier) it is the smallest but one of the toughest group of ships in the new republic navy. lead by the flagship Ark Royale it is commonly mistaken for a common battlegroup


the ships are as follows Ark Royale the flagship of kratas's fleet and most certainly the toughest the Ark Royale is one of the most advanced ships in the NR fleet

HMS Windor, the late flagship of kratas's fleet the Windsor was decommissioned after the Ark royale was created

HMS unwelcome stranger,the most efficient of the three HMS-class ships in existance this ship is the private ship of kratas but has recently been incorporated into the HMB

HMS Great Britain ll,this ship had different qualities than the other two HMS 's in that it has the thickest hull and the strongest shields

HMS Elizabeth (destroyed in batlle) this ship was destroyed in battle with solar forces but boasted quick engines

UNSCDF Trafelgar the first super carrier developed by the UNSC it carries a vast array of fighters and bombers

RAF Arthur a merlin class carrier this ship was soon incorporated into the HMB's support group

RAF Excalibur another merlin class this was incorporated into the HMB fleet at the same time as the Arthur

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