• Hercules as Kermit
  • Megara as Miss Piggy
  • Gaston(from Beauty and The Beast) as Constantine
  • Philoctetes as Fozzie Bear
  • Hermes as Scooter
  • Icarus as Gonzo
  • Orion as Sweetums
  • Zeus as Dr. Teeth
  • Adonis as Floyd
  • Hera as Janice
  • Apollo as Sam the Eagle
  • Orpheus as Zoot
  • Fear and Terror as Animal
  • and more


  • Hercules/Kermit: Okay, guys, this is it. The GULAG Finale. *scene cuts to Hercules, Megara. Phil, Hermes, Icarus, Orion, Zeus, Adonis, Hera, Apollo, Orpheus, Fear and Terror and others on the ice wall after the snow clears*
  • and more

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