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  • he-man - hercules
  • prince adam - taran (the black cauldron)
  • cringer - young simba (the lion king)
  • king randor - cassim (aladdin and the king of thieves)
  • man-at-arms - derek (the swan princess)
  • man-e-faces - genie genie mad and genie robot (aladdin)
  • mekaneck - ling (mulan)
  • orko - rabbit (pooh)
  • queen marlena - messua (the jungle book 2)
  • ram man - yao (mulan)
  • sorceress - the blue fariy (pinocchio)
  • stratos - prince phillip (sleeping beauty)
  • teela - mulan
  • zoar - herself
  • keldor - clavius (the swan princess 2)
  • kronis - kunckles (the swan princess 2)
  • skel

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