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Released Feburary 22 1998

  • Three Copies of Hercules
  • Front (THX Certified)
  • Spy Charcter Profile (Baby Hercules, Baby Pegisents Pain & Panic)
  • Letter "F"
  • Back FRANK FATEFUL says (Hercules has The Oylimpic Proportions with Lady and The Tramp 2 II Scamp's Adventure and The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Shapes (Rectangle)
  • Bonus Features (The Making Of Hercules) (Booklet) (Preview at The End of Film

The Aristocats)

  • Mastepiece Collection Booklet
  • Tape (Dark Sticker Label)
  • Number (86)
  • Printeight (March 14 1998)
  • Terrible Condtition
  • Spy Charcter Profile(Hercules Pegisents Pain & Panic)
  • Back Brandon Jones says(Clever as Brusting!)
  • Number (69)
  • Printeight (May 17 2002)
  • Another Copy Of Hercules
  • Tape (Plaster Label)
  • Printeight(September 6 2002)

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