The audio commentary for Hercules is a fan-fiction thing to make. It would've appeared on Hercules: 2-Disc Heroic Special Edition DVD.


Hercules commentary with Directors John Musker and Ron Clements.


  • JOHN MUSKER: Hi, and welcome to the DVD audio commentary for the legendary Hercules. I'm John Musker, the director of the film.
  • RON CLEMENTS: And I'm Ron Clements, the co-director of the one and only Hercules.
  • MUSKER: This whole idea of Hercules, you know, sparked from a pitch Joe Haidar made because he suggested pitching a story from Greek mythology, but when work on an adaption of The Odyssey was dropped, he just produced a sketch of Hercules, instead, and, and explained a brief outline of what happens in the story. And so after the pitching session was over, the film was basically approved for development and Haidar, well, he presented to the filmmakers a page-and-a-half outline, but his work on the film just stopped after that.
  • CLEMENTS: It's worth noting that Charlton Heston did the fake narration for the opening scene before being interrupted by the Muses, a-and then becoming the true narrators for the story. It was, just, such a amazingly good time for him to be working on the film at, like, such a time like this.
  • Calliope: ...from here, darling.
  • Narrator: You go, girl.
  • (Music starts)