The Hercules Multi-Language Reel for "One Last Hope" is a fan-fiction thing to make. It would've appeared on Hercules 2-Disc Heroic Special Edition DVD.



Multi-Language Reel

  • (Cuts to the shot with Young Hercules and Phil, who's confident that Hercules wants to be a true hero, right before the song "One Last Hope" starts playing.)
  • (Song starts.)
  • Phil (singing): So, ya wanna be a hero, kid? Well, whoop-dee-doo!
  • (Audio switches to the Greek dub, but it's NTSC-pitched.)
  • Phil (singing; Greek voice): San eséna eícha ki állous, ma sto télos... ti ta thes? (I like you and others, but in the end... what do you want?)
  • (Audio switches to the German dub, but it's NTSC-pitched.)
  • Phil (singing; German voice): Es ist wirklich desillusionierend, scherzhaft und so deprimierend. (It's really disillusioning, joking, and so depressing.)
  • (Audio switches to the French dub, but it's NTSC-pitched.)
  • Phil (singing; French voice): Tu es du genre au trophée, non du genre empoté. Tu vas abattre tout les cro... *gets struck by lightning* Ahhhhh! (You're the kind of trophy, not the potty. You're going to shoot down all the crow... Ahhhhh!)

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