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Hercules and Megara: Hero with a Kiss is a parody on Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss


  • Romeo - Hercules
  • Juliet - Megara (Hercules)
  • Mercutio - Stefano (Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted)
  • Kissy the Kissing Fish - Squeeze (Handy Manny)
  • Friar Lawrence - King Julien (The Madagascar Trilogy)
  • Benvolio - Quincy (Little Einsteins)
  • Prince - Joey the Kangaroo (The Penguins of Madagascar)
  • Crab Conductor - Skipper (The Madagascar Trilogy)
  • Sea Slug - ???
  • Sea Turtle - ???
  • Seahorses - ???
  • Sawfish - ???
  • Ray Fish - Rocket (Little Einsteins)
  • Cuttlefish - Deb (w/Flo as Extra; Finding Nemo)
  • Four-Eyed Sea Hare - Pegasus (Hercules)
  • Sharky - Bruce (Finding Nemo)
  • Pink Elephant Seal - Rhonda the Walrus (The Penguins of Madagascar)

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