Version 1

Woody as Tinky Winky

Flik as Dipsy

Joy as Laa-Laa

Jessie as Po

Jirachi as The Baby Sun

Chikorita, Snivy & Turtwig as The Talking Flowers

Mowgli, Shanti, Ranjan, Young Simba, Young Nala, Bambi & Faline as The Childrens (from Playing In The Rain)

Tyrannosaurus/Allosaurus as Tigers

Gallimimus/Pelecanimimus as Penguins

Velociraptor/Deinonychus as Snakes

Triceratops/Styracosaurus as Elephants

Corythosaurus/Parasaurolophus as Flamingos

Pteranodon/Quetzalcoatlus as Butterflies

Stegosaurus/Kentrosaurus as Tortoises

Apatosaurus/Brachiosaurus as Giraffes

Hypsilophodon/Dryosaurus as Frogs

Bullseye as Noo-Noo

Deers as Rabbits

Sandwiches as Tubby Toasts

Ice Creams & Chocolates as Tubby Custards

R.O.B. as The Male Voice Trumpet

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby, Young Tarzan, Young Terk & Young Tantor as The Childrens (from The Beach)

Pluto as Jesso the Dog


  1. Four Happy PixarTubbies (From Jumping)
  2. Time for Sandwiches (From Ned's Bicycle)
  3. Playing in the Rain
  4. Mind the Puddle (From Playing in the Rain)
  5. The Dinosaur Parade
  6. Woody's Heavy Bag (From Delilah Packing)
  7. Jessie's Falling Down Day (From Humpty Dumpty) (Cut from the US Version)
  8. Who Spilled the Ice Creams & Chocolates (From Painting with Hands and Feet)
  9. Joy's Watering Can (From Making Flowers)
  10. Sandwich Accident (From Feeding the Chickens) (in the US the windmill freezes)
  11. The Beach (Moved to before sandwich accident in US Version)
  12. Where's My Hat? (From The Beach) (Cut from the US Version)

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