Over the teeth, past the gums, look out Vitani, here it comes!


Here It Comes! is an episode of the thirteenth season


Kovu and Vitani are working when Kovu creates racing

that involves teeth and gums and splattering animals

with water. Karen tells Kovu to get a bath before

taking her and Sheldon to a concert. On his way,

Kovu tries his teeth and gums racing on

the other animals and accidentally destroys

Simba and Kiara's loads. Kovu goes

through the biggest puddle of water yet,

but only succeeds in getting scarred on

his face and splattering Karen and Sheldon with

water. Vitani helps him and he plans

to do Simba and Kiara's chores so they

could have a bath. Then, Vitani wants

some more Here It Comes, racing, but Kovu

decides he never wants to do that again.






Pumbaa (cameo)

Zazu (cameo)





When Kovu splatters Kiara with water, nothing goes on the flour.

Simba does not worry about his skin being wet.

Vitani does not mind being covered in mud like in Kovu Gets the Car.

Ropes should have been added to Simba and Kiara's loads.


Kiara Vitani attached to Kovu Sheldon and Karen covered with mud and water

Kovu and Nuka Kovu splatters Vitani Simba and Kiara

Vitani and Kovu Wet strawberries Karen

Water in the air A scar on Kovu's face

Kovu, Nuka, Simba, and Kiara at the concert

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